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  • Reinforcement struts
  • Safety stopper
  • Wide dumping hinge
  • Greater loading capacity

    The new HD370S dump truck is the right choice for customer’s needs of larger loading capacity.

  • Extended wheel base

    The new HD370S dump truck boasts a longer wheel base to provide better driving comfort as well as parts-mounting convenience, reflecting local customers’ needs.

  • Marrel-type (HD270) dump mechanism
  • Telescopic-type (HD370) dump mechanism


  • The Workplace, as Your Home

    The ergonomically designed driver’s space on the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck harmoniously combines functionality with efficiency. The steering wheel with tilting function, well-positioned overhead console and climate control switches are provided for easy to drive. From the wraparound instrument panel and power windows to the central door lock system and numerous storage bins, every feature in the cabin works to relieve the stress and strain of daily driving.

  • Air Suspension Seat

    The air suspension seat offers an ideal driving position from pneumatic lumbar support and side contour adjustment for fatigue free driving. (Optional on all models)

  • Gauge Cluster

    The instrument cluster in the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck stands out with its clear layout and high readability thanks to LED illumination.

  • Wide and Long Sleeping BedThe generously sized bed, clearly separated from driving space, offers cozy relaxation to the fatigued driver. A heating pad is provided for the driver’s convenience
  • Center Console Box

    With various compartment in the Hyundai Heavy Duty Truck’s cab, wide open stowage area is located in center console for various small items which are required for your business.

  • Overhead Console Box

    The driver will find spacious stowage compartments above the windscreen, which offers sufficient space convenient in holding small goods, maps and various documents needed for your business.


  • Powerful Hub Reduction Rear Axle

    High capacity front / rear axle has a great load-bearing capacity. Hub reduction rear axle is fitted as standard with wheel lock system and makes it easier to drive in the rough road.

  • D6AC Engine (340 ps / 2,200 rpm)

    Displacement : 11,149 cc (TCi)
    Max. Torque : 140 kg.m / 1,400 rpm
    Model : HD370S

  • 24" Wheel & 12R24 Tire

    24" radial tires offer longer service life, lower rolling resistance for better fuel economy, quieter performance and greater safety.

  • D6CB3H Engine (380 ps / 1,900 rpm)

    Displacement : 12,300 cc (TCi)
    Max. Torque : 160 kg.m / 1,200 rpm
    Model : HD370S

  • Durable Suspension & Frame

    Strengthened frame durability guarantees sufficient loading capacity. And increased front / rear spring sheets enhance suspension durability.